Hello, my name is Sophia Husbands and I am a go-getter. I believe that if you really really really…REALLY want to achieve something, then you should go out there and get it.

Here is a picture of me smiling from my city London, can you see that famous landmark behind me? Okay, you may have to move me a little to the right.

London Eye 2012

I am a blogger who writes on a variety of lifestyle themes, and mindset concepts. I am fascinated with how people think and behave. My philosophy in life is that it that you need to keep learning, as the world outside is changing and evolving all the time.  So we need to keep up.

Some of the issues that people experience are universal and have popped up from the beginning of time. We can see this demonstrated by reading religious books like the Bible and, from the literary works of Mr William Shakespeare.

In terms of my work that I do today, I focus on aspirations and helping people to build confidence in that they can achieve once they put their minds to it. The mind is a powerful tool; and in this digital age that we live in we are exposed to even more information. So what does this do for us? Sometimes it can cause confusion, as we are picking up more stories, facts and opinions.

It is good to seek answers; I believe that we have the answers within us. I am here as a guide, mentor, teacher.

In my life, I have experienced ups, as well as downs. I will keep it real and share this.   I train, mentor, educate and coach on mindset. I have resources that you have access to via my main blog www.sophiaworld.co.uk and my FaceBook communities: www.facebook.com/GoGetterMe and www.facebook.com/justsophiaworld.

Coming soon, there is the book on employability; and my first book of my life “series”, the Naked Series. I will soon be announcing a new online course that you will be able to purchase before Christmas.

If you want to say hi to me, please do so in FaceBook. If you want to work with me direct, please contact me on gogetter.miss@gmail.com

So please believe in your possibilities and remember: The only way is forward!


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