When I ruled the world

“The world is your oyster”, “Anything is possible once you put your mind to it”, and “Yes you can” has to be one of my favourites go-getter styled mottos. Why I am discussing this? It is because often, one may forget how much power they have.

What is the power?

Like magic, it is possible to manifest an outcome. Lets me use the example of wanting to become a doctor. You may decide that one day you want to become a doctor. So you will then work towards this goal by studying for the necessary qualifications. This will be investment of your time, and commitment to continue, even during challenging times. The challenge may be the route that you took. It may have been that there was a lot of promise for you to fulfil the dream and you got side-tracked. For example, falling pregnant at a young age.

Have to believe

Like magic, or even spirituality it can be perceived as a unseen force. As it may appear not to be tangible, so may at first be difficult to believe in. In order for it to be real then, you have to believe in it. You need to believe that you can see yourself setting up a brand new start-up business for example.

Put one foot, in front of another

Often when people are making big changes, they get scared. This fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), can deter them. This is not unusual, as it can be a reaction to be overwhelmed by a big change. So it is easier to overcome this by taking small, incremental steps. So break down your vision into bits. You may want to have your own online magazine. Maybe you can start off by launching a blog, get used to publishing your articles online.

“When you start co-creating, then you are ruling the world”

You have the power to shape your world, by the way you think and the steps you take to make things happen. So please remember even when you are brainstorming and writing down your ideas for what you want to achieve then are at the start of making things happen. I like that Cold Play song, Viva La Vida.

Here is some music to end this post.


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