“Born this way”

I am going to open this post with a question and I would like for you to answer truthfully. Please do not get too nervous, it is not a very deep and uncomfortable question. Here it goes: “how often has an opportunity presented itself, and you feel the ache in your arm to raise it and say yes?” You may go silent at this point, and come up with a resounding “yes”. Next question is: “why did you not put yourself forward for what could have been an amazing possibility?”. I have committed “ould”, which means created a “could, would, or should of” scenario. As my mum will say, why not be positive.

Why not go for it?

Some theorists argues that it is the ego that gets in people’s way –  stops them from being the best! I have been there too: I have gotten excited about taking that “big” leap, then talked myself out of it. This reminds me of the balloon that was full of hot air, which slowly starts to deflate. So how do you keep inflated?

PART 1 – Write it down

  1. Ask yourself is this something you want to do?
  2. Five minutes later, ask yourself the question again: “is this something I want to do?”
  3. Then write down, why you want to do it and how the outcome will affect you. How you imagine that you will feel.
  4. Then fold up this list, or if it is being stored “electronically” save it.

PART 2 – What is stopping you?

  1. Do you think it is a crazy idea, that people will laugh at you? Why believe this about this goal unless you are intending to create a comedy sketch.
  2. Is it that you think that you fail? This is not a bad word and I have previously talked about this.
  3. Is it lack of resources? Why not ask for help or be asking the questions that will be supporting you. Often, just by sharing your “challenge”, there may be another individual wanting to help you. Maybe they will have enough faith and belief in your idea, that they will give you the funds if this is what you were lacking.
  4.  Is it being afraid of taking things to another level. Are you going out of your comfort zone? Why not test it out. Do a trial.

PART 3 – Just go for it

  1. A singer make not reach that “high” note the first time, but once they hit it, it is beautiful.
  2. You are you, amazing and special in your own way.  You do not have to be like someone else, carbon copy their route.

I love the Lady Gaga song, “Born this way”. I do not like: “should of, could of, would of”. So you are perfect and born this way – go for it!



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