It’s not about the race, but about the “pace”

When I was younger, not that I am old now, I was told about the story about the tortoise and the hare. About how the hare would boast to his friend the tortoise, about how much faster he was; then there was challenge – a race- and the slow and steady tortoise won. This equated to the moral it was being slow and steady that helps you to win.

Why I am talking fairy tales? Because it is very relevant today in a world where sometimes, there are people achieving great things at a young age. We saw this with Britney Spears, singing in school uniform and grinding to “Baby One More Time” at the age of fifteen. This may make some feel pressurised into achieving certain stuff; making them feel that they may be falling short. In an article today in the Daily Mail newspaper, yes this GoGetter does read the Daily Mail, the singer Kelly Rowland of Destiny Child fame, was referring to how she would like things to work out for her successfully like her counterpart Beyonce. The media tended to focus more on Beyonce Knowles and she said that this use to affect her, but now she wants to focus on achieving her goals. So this leads to the early tale of the tortoise and the hare, where we need to set our own goals and approach them with a steady pace.

Often when we aspire to change our life styles, this may be from looking at another individual who appears to be doing well in what they are doing – for example a person who decided to relocate to Italy and live the “dream”. It is good to see someone doing what you want to do, as you can tell yourself, “if he or she can do it, so can I”. All of us have our own story, may carry some emotional baggage which may make it seem more difficult at times to be a go-getter.  This is where we need to look at our story so far; and our available resources. Each of us is unique in our own way; and often we forget this when comparing ourselves to others. We need to appreciate ourselves and look at what resources we have. This includes our internal resources, as well as our external resources. You may be a person who copes well in stressful situations and can react well and fast.

If there are issues like lack of resources, then you can look at this from a solution mindset. For example, you may have dreamed about travelling the world or living in another country, and worry about how to fund the trip and pay the mortgage. Here you can look for solutions; consider downsizing, maybe renting out your house or allow a company that offers service apartments to use your flat.

After making the decision to make a big change in your life, you may be eager to go and start doing it. This may be possible after asking the question, “what is stopping me from being the best me?” Sometimes it may take a little longer to achieve the goal. Whilst waiting, you may become frustrated when you see people perhaps living the life of the suitcase entrepreneur for example. To keep motivated always have that clear vision of your end goal. This will keep you focused. It is also good to have a back-up plan, in terms of alternative routes. A plan “A, B and C”, then you know that you can make the necessarily adjustments.  Remember that there are various routes to a destination. When at the airport waiting to take off for your journey, you enjoy it more when you are going at a nice pace.


2 thoughts on “It’s not about the race, but about the “pace”

  1. This is so true, I tell myself each day to “pace” and not to rush, and on reading this I reaffirm that there should always be a back up plan, so at the moment, Plan A, but if in doubt, B and C, and as the GoGetter reminds us, there are “various routes.” brilliant piece, look forward to more from the GoGetter lady…xxxx

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