Are you a Sardine?

Who said that you were not allowed to be happy? In society from the time that we were born, it is mapped out that we will go through the scholastic system, through to getting a job and settling down. Getting a good education and having financial stability is not a bad thing. Having a family to grow with and to share your life is also not a bad thing, as we are social creatures – even the people who may sometimes want to be on their own.
Our work lives when calculating it, amounts to a high percentage of where we spend our waking lives. For some people, after settling into a job they may get bored after a period of time; and this may be due to the routine. They may get tired of the 9-5, the same old getting up at 5 am and rushing to get upon the crowded train, being sardined against the other commuters.
As we spend a lot of time at work, it is a bonus enjoying what you do. For some people they may be contended with getting their pay cheque at the end of the month, going out to the pub and feeling high. There is nothing wrong with this, as the saying went: “Different strokes for different folks”. However, there are some people who may feel that in this world that they are asleep. This means that they may feel numb, think they are living a robotic life and not connecting with more with their inner core. You may think that this sounds “wishy-washy”, but if you had to come to the end of your life would you most likely be saying, “How my work life was a blast and I felt much fulfilled”? You may be thinking that it would be a majority saying no.
It does not have to be a no. It can be a yes if you combined doing things that connected to your inner core/happiness. For some people they come from the mindset that life is about the survival of the fittest! How to get by that there are going to be things that we have to do, some things that we do not like. Okay, there are things that we need to do like brushing our teeth, as it is hygienic.
For work, we can decide what we want to do, what type of lifestyle that we want. I am not saying here that everyone can be lawyers, otherwise there would be an imbalance. I am referring to choices. You may feel burnout from the corporate world, and decide that you want to become a Yogo instructor. You may realise to be happy that you may have to downscale, go on less holidays than usual. This downscale may make you much happier. This can result it better sleep, having better relationships with the people around you. The wonders of the “ripple” effect.
They say that it is never too late to decide, and make changes in your life. It is all about getting clarity, being aligned and having faith in the outcome. Be happy!


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